As a company we believe in proven physical security patrol methodologies to maximize positive results for our clients. “We” pay attention to the smallest detail which in most cases is overlooked, by way of sending security experts to carry out site analysis, security risk assessments that is designed to expose security deficiencies and to determine site specification, which is a true process in an Intelligence Preparation of the Business Space (IPBS) which combines probability of occurrence and consequential severity of variety of potential threat scenarios into overall risk profile for any given situation. 

Capabilities include armed/unarmed security, perimeter security, roving patrols and manning security operations control rooms. Highly experienced static security component provides a continuous, elevated level of capability to detect, assess, prevent and neutralize any criminal behavioural elements. 

Our security officers are not only professionally trained, but they are competent to easily fit into the clients’ environment. We will assign an officer and patrol vehicle or joint patrol services wherein a patrol officer is responsible for multiple operational mandate and inspections are conducted periodically throughout the shift.


Khobi Security (Pty)Ltd innovative electronic security offers “layers of security” for unrivalled protection. Our team of specialist will engage with you throughout the process to provide CCTV cameras, Boom gates, Biometric System, Guard Electronic Monitoring System, Remote controlled Access and Egress gates, Intercom and Electric fence resale and installation, Alarm management, surveillance, and communication solutions in cost-effective and efficient manner. Our solutions focus on predictive analytics which provide for management by exception. This approach reduces the reliance on skilled manpower to monitor a system or processes and replaces it with technology – resulting in more operationally effective solution.


Trained and professional security personnel work with you to ensure a secure environment. We will provide well trained professional security personnel for the purposes of ejecting unwanted trespassers and screen visitors and other service providers.

Identification techniques will be deployed to make sure people, motor vehicles and assets are properly screened for the avoidance and deterrence of any security breach or risks anticipated. Record any visitor, staff members, motor vehicles, any movable assets on designated registers, Occurrence book, visitor’s registers. Draft an action plan from time to time to accommodate priorities identified during work delivery output.


This Soweto based security company focused on providing professional event security services. Three crucial factors set services provided by Khobi Protection and Security Services apart from its competitors: hands-on management, pro-active client interaction, high quality, well paid, motivated guards. We provide PSiRA accredited security officers, event staff, temp fencing and 2-way radio rentals. can supply large numbers of highly presentable, trained personnel for all types of event guarding requirements in the exhibition, sporting, concert and outdoor event sectors. Whether it be guards to protect your access control, equipment, external perimeter, exhibition stands and parking; we are committed to developing a customized event guarding solution for your security needs, no matter how big or small.


The secure movement of high ranking or high priority persons and cargo can be very challenging, subsequently hindering clients’ focus on business objectives and accomplishments. Security configurations are tailored based on your area of operation and specific needs.

Khobi Security (Pty)Ltd provides Personal Security and Close protection details and convoy escort teams in the most hostile environment, planning of movement control and operational security to guarantee safe client transport even in the most hazardous conditions.


The team is equipped to do through inspection of the routes and plan movements of the security escort team which form part of movement control to make sure that your clients arrive safely at their destination should a need arise where security escort is needed. It is our obligation to make sure that the safety and security of our clients is primary.

We are always on guard for your family and business


To be epitome of premier safety and security service provider in South Africa and Abroad and be recommended as one of the professional and top company with technology and on ground.


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